Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Trams Are Coming! Switch Off Your Mobiles!

tram op paaszaterdag
 (Photo credit: Gerard Stolk (vers le Midi-CarĂªme))
According to Emirates 24x7 today, you will have to switch off your mobile when in the proximate area of a tram when the new Al Sufouh tramline opens for business.

Why? How are they going to make that work? Will the new trams explode near a mobile signal? Or perhaps it might affect their navigation systems in some way.

It all sounds very odd. But then, that's Emirates 24x7 for you...
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Brian Keith Carvalho said...

Hi Alexander,
I think a lot of people are misreading the article. They say that you have to not use mobiles or headphones because you do not have to be distracted when the instructor inside the tram shouts out instructions to move or warns you if you are coming too close to the tram without you having noticed.

In order to hear him, you'll have to not be wearing headphones when in close proximity to the tram tracks.

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