Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Way We Tell A Story

Says I to him, I says, says I,
Says I to him, I says,
The thing, says I, I says to him,
Is just, says I, this ways.
I hev', says I, a gret respeck
For you and for your breed,
And onything I could,
I says, I'd do, I wud indeed.
I don't know any man, I says,
I'd do it for, says I,
As fast, I says, as for yoursel',
That's tellin' ye no lie.
There's nought, says I,
I wudn't do
To plase your feyther's son,
But this, I says, ye see, says I,
I says, it can't be done.

That wasn't me being clever, it was a bloke called Pat McCarty and it didn't do him any good 'cos he died in 1931. Still working on the Irish book, in the meantime...


Dubai Jazz said...

Is this English?

p.s. it becomes harder and harder to post comments on your blog Mr McNab

Victor shaw said...

Nice post great way to tell story in school we just create stories

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