Sunday, 15 June 2014

Shaheen The Camel. A New Gulf News High.

Gulf News is breathlessly presenting the World Cup match winner choices of 'Shaheen', a camel apparently blessed with octopus-like powers of footbally prescience. Or as GN puts it, 'our resident hump-backed football genius."

Shaheen is placed next to two signs, each representing a team about to play. Just in case we forget this is about football, the speculative ungulate has a football tied around its neck. Shaheen then picks a team by attacking one of the two signs, which appears to have been festooned with a sock dipped in the camel equivalent of catnip. Camelnip?

This is the top local story on Gulf News' website today. It confirmed something I have long held dear as a belief. I'll let you guess quite what that is...

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Anonymous said...

Geez, calm down. It's a bit of fun surrounding a sport's event. Would you prefer everyone be pulled into your world? Your world that's deeply entrenched in criticism, narcissism and gloom? One fails to understand how another can gain any pleasure or self-satisfaction by constantly and consistently criticizing others via twitter or blogs, when one is not too busy self promoting.

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