Friday, 12 June 2015

Free Space

Working on my new, luscious and totally yummy author website today, I realised I'd enrolled silly thriller spoof Space into Amazon's 'Select' programme and yet totally neglected to do any promotions at all for months.

So Space is free for your Kindle over the next 72-odd hours. Free? Yes! Free!

Tell friends, family, acquaintances, dogs in the street. Tweet it, Facebook it, Pin it. Let the world know. They can save $0.99 for the next 48 hours by seizing the moment and, well, just acting.

Just think about this.
YOU can save the people you LOVE good money and give them JOY.

I know, I know. It's pretty damn tremendous news. Take a few deep breaths. Okay? We're good.

Enjoy! And if you do, leave a review! :)

If you loathe it, hell, leave a review anyway!

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