Monday, 8 October 2007

A New Blog is Born!

Today is a momentous day, as it marks the launch of a new Blog dedicated to broadcasting the lunatic babbling of not one but two blogging types to the world. Yes, myself and HalfManHalfBeer are collaborating on a new Blog designed to indulge our shared unhealthy and obsessive interest in all things food-related.

The Fat Expat will contain regularly posted recipes, articles about food, restaurant reviews and more. More? Yes! More!

We’re aiming to have a great deal of fun with the format, including special promotions, cook-offs, recipe competitions and, I hope, an increasingly off-the-wall selection of content. There are already over 100 recipes posted up there in the archive, more than yer average cook-book, and we’re hoping to add loads more, together with bringing more contributors to the Blog.

So if you like Arabic food, pies, barbecues, eating out around the world, reading cranky restaurant reviews or prefer to dabble in a delicious assortment of Asian splendours then drop on by to the The Fat Expat!


Gianni said...

Just trolled your new blog. I'm da man !!!!

Alexander said...

You a bad man.

Samer Marzouq said...

Interesting blog, congrats!

Who's-sane! said...

the new blog is great and very informative. thanks guys! will be visiting regularly :)

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