Tuesday 9 June 2009

Warning! Phishing! Fraud! Shock! Horror!

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Etisalat has done it again.

Not content with sending a warning email to subscribers that contained the immortal words 'Etisalat will never email links' and that also contained (almost inevitably) two links, the telco that likes to say 'shou?' has now sent an email to its lucky subscribers further warning them of the dangers of phishing.

"Security Alert - Beware of Email Fraud Disguised as Official Etisalat Emails" trumpets the email subject line. Inside, we have a picture of a cursor pointer being snared by a barbed fish hook and the word, in red mind you, WARNING! Golly, they must be serious!

The email also contains the following words:

NOTE:Etisalat will never ask you for neither your Internet/Email passwords nor any other personal details by Email, Internet or phone. Please do not disclose any of your Etisalat services passwords to any person.

And then, inevitably, at the bottom of the mail is a link out to this online form, which asks for your name, username, telephone number and email address.

The Internet. A rich and wonderful place...
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1 comment:

Mita said...

Ah yes. Did you check that the email address was an Etisalat (or S**tisalat as they refer to in the UAE Community Blog) because I had two versions of these one with the link as you mentioned and one from Etisalat that was more humdrum and boring.

I am assuming that as a "techie" you did check but thought I'd point that out anyway.

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