Monday, 7 September 2009


Just in case you didn't know, Dubai's Twestival event, one of the world-wide Twestivals being held in over 200 countries between the 10th-13th September, takes place at Jam Jar, the funky gallery space thingy in Al Qouz, this coming Saturday (the 12th September) from 8pm. There's a map to Jam Jar here, BTW.

Correcting Emirates Business 24x7's muckle-headed report yesterday citing the Abu Dhabi Twestival as being the first held in the Emirates, this will be the second Twestival event in Dubai - the first was held back on the 12th February.

Like the first Dubai Twestival, this event will have charitable fund-raising in mind, although this time the global events are being dubbed 'Twestival Local' and are raising money for local charities. In this case, funds raised from the event will go to the Dubai Autism Centre.

If your idea of fun isn't a room-full of steaming twits, I can quite sympathise. But Twestival's in a good cause, brings together a surprisingly wide and diverse audience of interesting people and is a good place to guage what's going on with this fast-growing and increasingly useful social media platform and, indeed, social media in general.

Pre-registration is a must as the event is almost certainly going to be full. Registration opens today, so I'd get in early while you can. You can get more information and register for the event on the official Twestival website here.



esperanca said...

Besides the great cause, you know I'm only showing up to see the trademark McNabb flounce, right?

cyberfruit said...

So what does one do at Twestival?

alexander... said...

One mills around chatting to people, nibbling finger food and drinking drinks (no hooch, of course, as it's Ramadan).

I'm useless at these things, being a committed sociopath and mild xenophobe, but I found the last one was OK and I met some interesting people and had some interesting conversations. Which was nice.

Apparently I'm going to have to flounce at this one, so that'll provide a momentary diversion if nothing else!

i*maginate said...

I still don't get all this twitter stuff and even if someone goes to this kinda event you can be assured they'd be twattered or whatever - why go to an event about social media when it can be done online? See? I will have spared myself the trouble of opening an account AND a virtual metro fare by tuning in to your future blog post about it!

KJ said...

I'm gonna try to go this time :D Maybe hook up with someone :P

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